Dead Hungry Diner

The game features the twin orphans Gabe and Gabby whom during an undead invasion at night in Ravenwood village, on the night in question the towns protector had a sleep-in and did not wake at the warning bells, Gabe and Gabby running for their lives as zombies cracked through the orphanage door, soon find themselves in a local graveyard having nothing else to defend them with but berries from a bush.
The twins desperate to defend themselves start throwing the strange looking berries on the zombies whom to the surprise to the children, begin to consume the berries, after the zombies finished eating the berries looking satisfied from hunger one zombie throws them a coin.
The twins now seeing the zombies satisfied on eating the berries rather then the villagers, gets the idea to start a diner and feed the undead the berries and save the village.

The game is progressively faster and harder as each night passes, fans of the casual gaming genre will find hours of fun and challenge in this game as different undead patrons come in to have their nightly fill, Gabe and Gabby must be fast to fill the seats, fill the patrons & clear the tables for the next patron before daylight.
Frankie the bouncer will help with bad patrons that fight with other patrons if they do not get serviced fast enough, which will end with you losing money from both parties so be fast and think.
Random encounters and rare events may come to follow, also don’t forget Shady the shady dealer that sells you spells and the odd upgrades to help you improve your services.

Available from: Steam (Demo Available)
Genre(s): Indie, Casual
Developed & Published by Black Market Games


• Intuitive One Button Mouse Control
• Fresh approach to time-management/puzzler genre
• Cartoonish Art Style
• In-game Tutorials
• Upgradable Magic Spells in the Blackest Market
• Choose between player characters Gabe and Gabby
• Includes over 35 pages of original storytelling
• Variety of Monster Customers
• Story Game Mode (50 Levels)
• All-You-Can-Eat Game mode (5 Levels)
• Prevent Fights between Monsters with a Frankenstein Bouncer


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