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January 25 2015 21:17:09
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown [Review]

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a remake developed by one of the elite studios when it comes to strategy games 'Firaxis Games', The game is a re-imagined version of the classic epic strategy game 'UFO: Enemy Unknown' (Known as "XCOM: UFO Defense" in North America) by Mythos Games and MicroProse.

The game starts out in the near future as the player has been assigned the role as the commander of the multinational paramilitary organization XCOM, which is tasked with research and defense of the Earth from the alien invaders.

The player will control soldiers in turn-based tactical battles against the invaders, capturing aliens and their technology and assign the XCOM researchers and engineers to interrogate alien captives and research their technology to develop more efficient equipment and vehicles in their defense of Earth, with the new technology and information gathered from the interrogated prisoners the story unveils more of the invaders hidden motives.

Performance of XCOM affects the panic levels of the nations that are part of the Council of Nations, when the aliens attack or abduct people in a nation their panic level will rise if not XCOM deploys in their defense, but XCOM cant be everywhere so they must choose whom to help.

Consequently nation that max their level of panic in the game will leave the XCOM project if not lowered before the end of that month and by that stop funding the project forever and when to many jump the project is scraped and the player has lost.

Personal entry
Many of the players I have spoken to that are or have been fans of the XCOM games, have been ecstatic about the game and love playing it as much as they did the previous titles.
If your a fan of XCOM or turn-based tactical games I recommend this game to one and all, new players as old veterans will love this title.
Some of you may ask yourself what XCOM is a short for, it stands for "extraterrestrial combat", there now you know :)

Game is available via Digital Download:


and from online retailers:
Amazon (UK)
Webhallen (Sweden only)

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